Argumentative Essay: Books are better than TVs

Hello~It is Gaeun again.
Today I am going to post an argumentative essay on 'Books are better than TVs'.
Please read it carefully. And I hope you wouldn't copy it...just read it for a bit of help:)

Books are better than TVs

   Many people love watching TV. When they are in front of it, no one can easily get his or her eyes off it. However, books are definitely better than TVs. Let me explain why in detail.

   First, books can increase your imagination. Books don't show us visual movements. So, we can easily imagine the story going on in our own head. Even if there are pictures in the book, they don't move or make sounds like in movies. For example, in the movie "Harry Potter", we have to recognize Hermione as Emma Watson. However, in the book "Harry Potter", we can imagine how Hermione would look in our own. We don't have to stick to the frame when we read books.

  Second, books are very good for our health compared to TVs. TVs make a lot of radiation, which is very bad for our health. It can heat our body, so watching TV for a long time can give you a headache. Also, watching it for a long time can cause many kinds of problems to your eyes, like lowering your eyesight. When we watch many moving things for a long time, our eyes will forget blinking. So, it can make your eyes very tired and dry.

   Supporters of TV watching say TVs are very entertaining. Many people say that watching TV is very fun. As a result, they actually get addicted to TV. TVs are very entertaining because of all those colorful moving pictures and sounds. However, it is bad for us because it decreases our imagination, just following the movements in the
TV. Also, it will cause health problems because people can't get their eyes off it. Therefore, TVs are worse than books.

   Supporters of TV also say that books are inconvenient. We would have to carry books to read them outdoors. So that would be very inconvenient, but we can watch TV in our cell phones anywhere we want. However, there are e-books nowadays. We can read e-books in our cell phones anywhere we want, just like TVs. But e-books are better than TVs on our cell phones, because TVs still show moving pictures, and books still show words and sentences, just like in reality. So, books are far better than TVs still.

   I strongly claim that books are better than TVs. First, books can increase our imagination, by putting almost no pictures in it. Secondly, books are healthier for us than TVs, because the pictures don't move. The con ideas were that TVs are entertaining, and they are more convenient than books. However, I rebutted all of them by using them as my own arguments. Therefore, I strongly think that books are better than TVs.

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*Note: This post was written years ago when I was just 12. If you'd like to see some of my new essays and writings, go on read these posts:


  1. Gaeun,

    This is an excellent essay that is well-organized and written. My only suggestion is to include links to evidence or websites that support your thesis.

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