My 3 goals

Today I am going to post my 3 goals.
Actually, I'm in an English camp in Korea called 'GLPS'.
I will be telling you three goals I want to achieve in this camp.

Goal 1 : Sleep Early
step 1 : Don't go to the second study period when I am tired.
step 2 : If I have to go, come back to the dormitory as fast as I can.
step 3 : Don't chat with my roommates after I lie on my bed.

Goal 2 :  Cut My Fingernails once a week
step 1 : Try to look at my fingernails every day.
step 2 : Try to convince myself that they are long.
step 3 : Put my nail clipper somewhere I can find easily.

Goal 3 : Memorize the location of Classes
step 1 : Look at the time table as many times as I can.
step 2 : Try to learn them by heart.
step 3 : Practice a lot. (Or I will be late for class!)

These are my 3 goals!
I really hope I could achieve them.
Please write some comments.