Response Essay on the movie 'Brave'

Last week, I watched a animation movie called 'Brave'.
Some of you must have watched it already.
I found it very interesting and touching.
How about an extra movie trailer?
(I chose this one because it was posted in February 23rd, 2012 which was my 12th birthday! 11th birthday in American)

So, here is my response essay to that movie.

   What kind of image falls into your mind when you think about princesses? Many people would think of a pretty, quiet princess waiting for a prince. However, when I imagine 'princesses' now, I only think of Merida shooting arrows in the movie 'Brave'. This unusual princess gave me a lot of things to think about. This movie gives me a lot of lessons.

   Merida is a princess who has curly red hair. She likes archery, and she is very good at it. One day, she faces a major problem. 3 sons from 3 different clans came for marriage. However, as I expected, Merida wasn't a person who would like marriage. She didn't want to marry, but her mom wanted her to. Desperate, Merida changes her mother into a bear even though she didn't really mean to. The spell would become permanent if she didn't fix it until the next sunrise. Clever Merida sews the ripped tapestry and her mother becomes herself again.

   Merida's mom turned into a bear because of Merida. Merida was very angry at her mom, because her mom wanted her to marry one of the clans' sons. Merida and her mother were totally disagreeing with each other. So Merida's mom burned Merida's bow, and Merida ripped her mother's tapestry. I think Merida could have prevented this terrible situation. She could have been more persuasive. In the part where Merida ad her mother quarrels, I could see that their reasons for their arguments were mostly 'just because'. If Merida just tried to understand her mom, and thought about her mother's love to her, she wouldn't have used magic to change her mom. She could have used her words instead of spells.

   When the movie starts, Merida tells us that some people think that fate is something they can't change. That is what I thought when I was young. I thought that things are always supposed to happen. If I spilled water and broke the cup, I would think that it is something decided by god or something. However, I don't think like that anymore. A person can absolutely change his or her fate. What happens is up to what people do. Merida changed her fate by doing something different. If Merida stayed quiet, and just chose some son of a clan, they would have married and lived happily ever after.(Maybe:-) Merida would have lived an unhappy life, a nightmare. Merida was brave, and that changed her fate, which led to a life she wanted.

   As I said, 'Brave' gave me a lot of lessons, and things to think about. I think Merida could have persuaded her mom, instead of using spells and magic, which is really dangerous. In spite of her mother turning into a bear, Merida changed her fate with her courage. I learned that if I have enough courage, I would be able to do something different, which would lead me to a way, a life I really want.

Did you read it? 
How was it?
It is exactly 493 words.
I thought it was over 500 words, but I must have miscounted! :-(


  1. Oh~ Ga-eun! It's wonderful Response Essay~ I like this essay a lot. How can we write essays like this much creative? Please answer me~

  2. Gaeun,
    This is an excellent response essay. It is very organized and well-written. Keep up the outstanding work!

  3. I remember when you gave this essay to me for editing; it was memorable because the message was organized and (almost) free of extraneous one-liners. Keep it up!


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