The most interesting ode in the world

It is Gaeun!
Today I am going to post the most interesting ode in the world.
I am sure(?) because I wrote this ode.
Please leave comments after you read my ode.
I want to know what you think about my wonderful ode!
Then, let's start!

To my dearest Writing Book

How excited you must have been when you first met me.
You were light green and as light as a feather.
The pages you contained inside you were not much,
but the sentences and meanings you contained were huge.

I always went to class with you, 
whether there was Writing Class or not.
You were always beside me,
as proud as you could be.
However, one night I was doing my homework
and the next day you disappeared.
I must have dropped you far below
in the darkness of my desk.

I love you but I hate you.
I had to do my homework again
even though I've done it already.
I had to rip a piece of paper
from my lovely, precious diary.
How can you, how can you dare to
run away with all my writings?

Now, I have nothing more to say.
I still really like you,
and I know you are somewhere.
I really hope that I will find a 
shade of light green under my desk.
I hope to definitely find you tonight.

Love, Gaeun Kim

Well, my Writing Book must have read this.
I found my Writing Book deep under my desk that very night!
My Writing Book must be really happy.
I hope I will never lose it again!



  1. Hi Gaeun,

    This is a very well-written ode. You use descriptive language very well. I'm happy you found your writing book. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi!
    This ode is a very nice one and I greatly enjoyed reading this ode. It is great that you finally found your writing book. Keep working hard~

    -Yongwook, Oh (Writing TA)


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