The Unfortunate Ball(flash fiction)

I like writing, you know.
I always wanted to write a interesting story.
So, I wrote it, and it's right here.

The Unfortunate Ball

  Someone might know how to make a ball out of an eraser. A small, grey ball. Ballie was one of those balls. She knew exactly how she was made. She had an exact memory of that adventure. She had a dream about it, so exact that even she was surprised!

Glowing blue ball among grey balls
  There was a high-quality eraser in a girl's pencil case. It was a big one. The little girl was  very interested in making 'eraser balls'. One day, she got a lot of eraser dust. She put all those eraser dust together. When she pressed it, rolled it, and mixed it, Ballie was born. She was grey, and was really soft. She could be anything. A box, a person, and even an animal. The girl always kept Ballie safe in her first drawer. It was dark and stiff in there. Ballie desperately wanted to go out of that drawer, out of this whole house. There was a digital camera in that drawer. He always went outside whenever there was a special event. He always bragged at Ballie.

 "Hey Ballie. I went to an opera today."
 "Hey Ballie! I went to the sea!"
 Ballie always envied the camera.

  One day, the girl took Ballie out of the drawer, and took her to art class. Art class eraser dust make great eraser balls, so the girl wanted to add them to Ballie. Ballie was so happy. She saw the blue sky, went to art class and became bigger, and went to a beef restaurant. She was so happy but a little bit tired. She could still smell the clean, fresh air. The girl was on the bus, holding Ballie. She was also very tired. Soon, she fell asleep. 

  Few minutes passed. Ballie was trying to ignore that the girl's hand was becoming loose. All of a sudden, Ballie fell on the floor of the bus. She was not hurt(because she was so soft), but shocked. At the very bottom of the dark bus, Ballie could see the little girl lurching awake, noticing she lost Ballie, her dear little friend. The girl searched the floor, but Ballie was meters away from her. Ballie sadly watched the girl walk out of the bus.

  Ballie was dreaming in that bus. A few years passed, and Ballie became harder than before. No one has seen Ballie ever since.

Did you enjoy reading it?
It is actually based on reality.
Of course, the little girl is me, few years ago.
I lost my dear eraser ball in the bus, and I was so disappointed.
I hope this was a lovely flash fiction for you!


  1. Hi Gaeun! I really liked your story about Ballie. I think it's great and you write really good.

  2. Hi! I'm Ji yoon!I enjoyed reading your story.I have the same expearience like you.I made a big eraser ball like you and lost it some where..

    1. It is great to meet someone who liked to make eraser balls!

  3. You are so creative and talented. I really enjoyed reading your flash fiction stories!

    1. Thsnk you!
      I'm home now,and I want to have class with you again!


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