A treat for your ears

Do you like to listen to music?
I like classical music a lot.
Then, have you ever composed any music?
If you have, you would know how it feels when you compose music.
You would come up with a melody and then put it together with a rhythm.
Isn't it so wonderful that you make new music by yourself?
Today I am going to tell you about composing music.

Many people who haven't composed music yet are very curious about it.
How do you start composing music? How do you come up with all that melody and rhythm?
At first I was very curious about that too.
I didn't know exactly where to start!
I tried to figure it out in other kinds of music.
But surprisingly, it actually came from me.

When I was six years old, I sang some kind of melody.
That song was what I usually sang to my mom when I wanted to say I was hungry.
So, the title of the song became 'I'm Hungry Song'.
What a funny name!
However, when I finished composing the rest of the song later(when I was 10), my mom said it was so beautiful that we couldn't name it 'I'm Hungry Song'.
The simple humming was fit for that title, but when there was the rhythm and other tunes there, it didn't sound like somebody's stomach was growling.
It sounded like...it sounded like...
Well, I can't tell now, because I replayed that song on the computer, played that song with my piano, and hummed the song for about a zillion times.
Now it just sounds like 'Gaeun song' to me.
What does this song sound like to you?

*Tip for composing music*

1. Listen to a lot of music. (A lot of kinds)
2. Hum some music you know in loud places or while you are in a shower.
3. Change the music little by little while you are humming.
4. While changing it, make a new one. (Making it while humming is okay of course)
5. Play it with an instrument you know. (piano, violin, guitar...etc.)
6. Take a video of you playing the music or make the music into a score.

That's exactly what I did.


  1. wow!! great
    But I don't try to compose songs, I just like to play the piano. It's really fun to play the piano, don't you think so?

    1. It is very fun to play the piano!
      But I stopped playing it a few months ago...:-(
      I should start playing it again.


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