Have you ever ate cereal in orange juice?

Do you guys like cereal?
I like some cereals, but some are yucky.

It is common sense to eat cereal in milk.
Have you ever ate cereal in orange juice?
Well, I did.
A few weeks ago, when I was in a winter camp, I ate cereal in orange juice.
Here's the story.

There was always some cereal in breakfast.
And I was so tired of eating cereal with milk.
One day, I tried a new idea.
'How about dipping these cereal in orange juice?'
My friends said I was crazy, but after all, it is only an experiment!

I tried my first mouthful.
The sugar in the cereal and the sweetness in the orange juice met and made a wonderful new taste.
It tasted like some kind of medicine adults try to make taste like orange juice, and then make kids eat it.

I ate half of the strange cereal mixture, and then stopped.
How can I possibly finish it?
It was impossible.
But the guy who looks at students' dishes was a bit strict.
He would say, 
"Eat it all!"
So, I pretended to be a bit sick.
I coughed a little, and tried to look as dizzy as I can.

My plan worked!

Then I ran to drink a lot of water.

So, my advice to you is,

"Never eat cereal in orange juice unless you terribly want to!"