How about a move to the Moon?

Man on the Moon.
Many of you might have heard this phrase somewhere.
People can visit the moon, but can people live on the moon?

Recently, the European Space Agency, ESA, said that they would make a house on the moon, where 4 people can live.

It would look like this when it is built.
I think it looks more like some bubbles popping in a boiling gray liquid.
So, as you see, the house on the moon would be a gray hemisphere.

How do they build it?
Apparently, a special robot would be sent to the moon to build those houses.
Wow, the robot would have to be very smart because it is not an ET.
The robot would go to the moon and build a house by scanning the 3D blueprint.

What is the moon house made of?
It is actually made by the rocks and dirt on the moon.
That's why the houses are gray. (The moon is gray, you know.)
It would take too much money to load the materials from the Earth to the moon.
A fantastic and crazy idea to solve this problem was to make the houses by the materials on the moon.
I wonder how would the dirt on the moon exactly feel like.
AND how would it feel to live inside a hemisphere house made out of a piece of moon.
I think it would feel very weird to look at the Earth in the black sky like a moon.
I am also curious how the house would deal with the temperature of the moon, since it is very hot or very cold there.

How about a move to the moon?


  1. ummm...
    moving to the moon?
    That would be pretty awful~
    no friends, no relatives...

    1. Yeah, I think so too.
      But it is still interesting that people can live on the moon!


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