Issues about North Korea

It is Gaeun.
You know that I am a South Korean girl, right?
Have you heard about the issues between North and South Korea?

Today I read a news article about North Korea trying to use nuclear weapons.
It was very scary to me, because it made me worried a lot.
What if I just woke up, and then a nuclear bomb was about to land near my house?
I hope that kind of thing wouldn't happen.

Let me tell something about North Korea.
North Korea's leader is not letting North Korea change.
He is holding all the systems in his hands.
North Korean economists say that they want North Korea to change.
However, North Korea can't change because people are not free of the government.
The government is spying on everything people do.
Ordinary people can't even go out of their own country!
Can you imagine yourself never be able to go to another country?

Why is the leader of North Korea making his country like that?
It is because he wants to keep his power.
If North Korea becomes a free country, he would not be dictating the country anymore.
People would stand up against him.
Because of that, he is binding the country so it can't go forward.
How can he do that when he knows that North Koreans are starving?

Now, his government is in danger.
If he just goes on like that, North Koreans will protest.
If he changes North Korea to a normal nation, he will not continue to be the leader of North Korea.

I think some kind of change will come to North Korea before I die.
I am a bit scared because I don't know what kind of change would it be, and how.
I just hope the North Koreans would be able to live a great life soon.