How about a Korean traditional crock, Ongi for Mrs. Obama?

Korean crocks are famous for being 'breathing crocks'.
Once I had a book called 'The Breathing crock', and that's a nickname for Korean crocks.
How do they breathe?
Well, they are not extra-terrestrial, but they can breathe because they have breathing holes, unlike other kinds of crocks or jars.

This is a picture of a practical Korean crock called '옹기'(Ongi).

It is a kind of 'Soy sauce crock'.
This Korean crock is made with mud, and is heated to 1300 degrees Celsius.
When it is covered with oak tree lye glaze, breathing holes form on the crock.
However, when it is covered by an artificial glaze made with many different chemicals, the crock no longer becomes a breathing crock.

옹기민속박물관 야외전시실 

This specific crock, 'Ongi' is very good at fermenting food, such as kimchi.
Today I read a news article and found this.


I was surprised that Mrs. Obama made kimchi by herself.
Turning green cabbage into red kimchi would have been pretty hard!
(My mom doesn't make kimchi because of that)
But the picture of the jars of kimchi was a bit weird.
Do you think it's weird?
It would seem very weird to a Korean.
They are in glass jars!
Usually, kimchi is kept in Ongi so it can be fermented well.
Ongi is a perfect place to put kimchi in.
It will taste much better in Ongi than in glass jars.
I recommend Mrs. Obama putting kimchi in Ongi! :-)

Sadly, nowadays people don't use Ongi a lot anymore.

Instead, they put kimchi in wonderful kimchi fridges with advanced technology.
But remember, that Ongi breathes.

I think Korean crocks like Ongi are great for fermenting food.
If you are fermenting kimchi or even some kind of soy sauce, putting it in Ongi will make it taste great.
How about a shiny new Ongi? :-)


  1. I didn't know that the first lady had any interest in making and eating Kimchi~!! Thanks for the interesting post and good to see you on the internet :)

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment!
      I miss GLPS...

    2. I miss the camp too... It was a great experience to spend time with such bright students and I miss it a lot ;(

  2. Wow Good Job!! your blog is exellent!

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I hope you visit my blog later too~^^


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