Naro space rocket successfully launched

Today I am going to post about South Korea successfully launching 'Naro' space rocket.

Naro space rocket is the first rocket South Korea has launched.
South Korea succeeded at launching Naro space rocket on January 30th.
It was an amazing sight for me.
I've seen my country's first rocket, in LIVE!
I did the countdown for the launching, too.
People were very excited about the Naro space rocket.


Actually, Naro project started in 2002, which is more than 10 years ago.
It took the so long because people who were in charge thought too long whether they would use a bit of Russia's help, or make it only with Korea's technology.
I think they should have improved Korea's own tech in making rockets.
This Naro project which took a decade only made the improvement later.
The media says that South Korea would be able to launch a self-made rocket by 2021.
If the scientists and other people worked on it to make the Naro space rocket, we would be launching our self-made rocket by now.
But 2021? It's not even 2012.
It is when I am 21 years old. Wow......(21 years old! 21!)

I was very happy when my country, South Korea succeeded in launching the first space rocket we ever made. However, I was also a bit disappointed because they could have worked on making a space rocket with our own technology, instead of getting Russia's help. They would have finished on it by now if they did worked improving our own tech. I wish South Korea becomes a bit more active in space projects.