Stop making nuclear bombs!

Hi there.
I am a 12 year old girl living in Republic of Korea(South Korea) and I am very angry because some countries want to make those nuclear bombs.
I was reading some news articles today, and almost everything they said was about those nuclear bombs!
I don't really understand why people keep making them.
What adults say to children everyday is,
"Stop fighting and be nice to each other!"
"Don't play with dangerous things."
"Never threaten your friends!"
But adults themselves seem to have a lot of problems when they try to do like that.

Now they are saying that everyone should have nuclear bombs only because some countries have it.
I think it would be much better if people get rid of every nuclear bomb in the world.
Because nuclear bombs can threaten every living thing in the world including humans, and  can cause people to make another one.
People make them because they want to protect themselves, but actually, other countries think the same way too.
Here's an example.

Imagine that your country made a nuclear bomb for protection.

The country beside your's is afraid, so they make a nuclear bomb as well.

Your country would be threatened for good by the nuclear bomb right next door.
Forgetting that your country has a nuclear bomb too.

Eventually, the nuclear bombs countries make to protect themselves comes back into a threat to themselves.
So, if there are no nuclear bombs in the world, it would be much more peaceful than it is now.

I hope many people around the world would get my message.
I hope they stop making nuclear bombs.
Right, it's not that easy.
'It's not that easy' is what every adult says if children say it is easy.
But if you think again, it is easy after all.
Like what we children say.