Bring things into life

Do you know how non-living things can move by themselves?
Magic? Or perhaps a miracle?
It's clay animation and stop motion! :-)

These days I am learning how to edit videos from my computer teacher. 
She is also teaching me how to put video effects or sound effects. 
Of course, I put the effects in my own video - my self-made clay animation and stop motion.

Before talking about anything else, let me tell you briefly about how you can make these kinds of animations.

*How to make...
1. Prepare things you want to bring into life or make some figures with clay.
2. Think of a plot.
3. Choose a way to make the animation. (camera&computer or smart phone app)
4. Take pictures.
5. Put the pictures together.
6. Edit the pictures.
7. Put the edited pictures together.
8. Put some video effects, background music and sound effects in the animation.
9. Export the video.
10. Your animation is finished!

I made a few animations by now.
Some of them have cute dolls and teddy bears as the characters.

Making those animations wasn't a easy thing.
The plot immediately appeared in my head as I chose the characters.
But the hard part was taking the pictures.
Back then, I didn't know that I could take the pictures with a camera and make the animation on the computer!
I only knew an app on my tablet that could put the pictures together and make an animation.

Using my tablet to take pictures was very, very hard.
I had to hold my tablet carefully, and I had to be very careful not to move my position.
One time I had to hold the tablet, push a button and hold a fake butterfly at the same time.
And holding the tablet for a long time made my arms ache, and it made my hands fill with sweat!
The sweat made my hands slip from the tablet, and that made me move a lot to remove the sweat somehow.

But if I don't use my tablet, what would be the hardest part?
I don't know that yet.
Because I figured out just a month ago that there was another way to make clay animations, all of the finished animations are made with my tablet!
I will tell you what was hard for me after I make one with my camera and computer.

I guess now you would want to watch one of my animations, right?
So I prepared one!
Actually, this animation is what I made last year.
Today I edited that animation on my computer.
I put a whole lot of video and sound effects!
Now just enjoy.

I would be really happy if you thought that was pretty good!
Next time, I will write a post that would help you make a better clay animation or stop motion.
I will write it in detail, so it would be helping you a lot.
Then, be ready!


  1. Hi :) I'm Dayon(ur classmate)'s sister Daeun!
    I love how you keep publishing these wonderful posts :D
    You are a really talented writer!!
    I really enjoy reading them from time to time :)
    I hope I read your new posts soon!!

    1. Hi~
      I'm so glad that you thought my posts are great!
      I visited your blog too, and your posts were very interesting.
      The one about 'Pretty Little Liars' made me want to read that book too!
      I will write a new post as soon as possible!


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