Percy, the Courageous

  Maybe the gods are real. Maybe they are staying in a particular country right now. I usually don't believe in myths, but I was a bit convinced that Greek gods actually exist in this world, after reading Percy Jackson series number 1, The Lightning Thief.

  Percy was just an ordinary boy living in a house with his mom and his step-dad. One day, he vaporizes his Algebra teacher, who was actually not human. After a few days, a monster takes his mother away, too. After that kind of terrible thing happened, Percy was sent to 'Half Blood Camp'. It was where children who are half god stayed. After some weeks, he notices that he is the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea. But he was in danger, because the gods thought he was the one who stole Zeus's lightning bolt. He has a big adventure, and finally figures out that Ares, the god of war made all this up on purpose. Ares, of course, wanted to make war between the gods. Percy finds the lightning bolt, goes up to Olympus, and gives Zeus the stolen lightning bolt.

  I like this book very much because the Greek myths and gods came in to life. The funny fact was that Olympus was on the 600th floor of the Empire State building. I wondered, if I go there and ask people where the 600th floor is, what would they say? Well, probably they would think I'm crazy or something. But this whole idea of Olympus right there seemed so real.

  I think Percy has lots of courage. I would have freaked out if my teacher turned into a monster right before my eyes! But Percy didn't freak out or something. Instead, he made the monster vaporize in midair with a pen which automatically turns into a sword. He must have been so shocked because his teacher turned into a monster, and a pen turned into a sword. That situation must have been real surprising and tricky. But still, he did it with his courage.

  'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief' made me realize how important courage is. I could know that even though if I want to do something, I can't really do it if I don't have courage. If Percy just thought about looking for the stolen lightning bolt, but didn't have an adventure to find it, he must have been known as nothing but a thief for a long time. Because there was courage, he could do everything. Courage was the wings that made Percy achieve his dream.