The Fly

What do you fear the most in the world?
Many people are afraid of monsters or ghosts, but I fear this thing more than them.
What I fear the most are FLIES!
They are about the size of a single grain, or maybe smaller.

There are a lot of scary animals around the world, like lions, tigers, bears...etc.
And there are a lot of terrible insects around the world, like wasps and ants.
But why do I fear flies?
Well, actually I don't really know why.
Maybe I am afraid it would land on me or touch me.
However, I'm not afraid of flies because they are dirty.
There is an old saying in Korea - 'You don't avoid poop because it is scary, but because it is dirty.' (Hahahaha...)
But I avoid flies because they are scary, not because they are dirty!
I guess many of you can't understand the exact chill that comes to me when I see a fly.
You might be able to understand me better by reading these episodes about me and those horrible flies!

Episode 1 - The Fly Squeeze

I was walking toward my room.
A calendar hung on the door.
There was a small fly crawling on it.
Just as I approached the door, the fly suddenly dropped to the floor!
I was surprised, but also relieved because I wouldn't see the fly anymore.
The fly would crawl or fly its way to somewhere, and I would safely go inside my room.
I opened the door and went inside.
But something was wrong.
I felt something small and round under my foot (which was fortunately wearing socks).
'It would probably be a grain of rice or something,' I thought.
I lifted my foot and looked at the bottom of it.


The thing under my foot was a fly - squeezed dead.
And it was the fly!

Episode 2 - The Banana Fly

I was eating a sweet banana while sitting on the bed and chatting with my mom.
Something small and black was flying around like crazy.
A fly!!!
It landed on top of my banana.

My mom tried to kill the fly while it was busy nibbling on the banana.
It was not that easy to catch it, but she somehow managed to punch(?) the fly when it was sitting on the banana.
Her fist went down directly on the banana, and unfortunately, the banana broke in half.
A few moments later, we were just stunned.
I was lying on the bed, surprised because the banana broke in half.
My mom was too worried about the banana which had fallen on the clean blanket.
Then where was the fly?
My eyes fell upon my arm, and there was a tiny black spot.
I rolled and rolled all over the bed and screamed!
It was the banana fly, which apparently had died of my mom's punch.
I couldn't accept it.
How dare a dead fly possibly be on my bare skin?

Do you think I'm a bit weird, screaming whenever there are flies?
I think that part of me is very strange, too.
(Actually, I almost tipped over the chair while writing this post because of a fly.)
Unfortunately, I can't change my feelings on flies.
When I see a fly, goose bumps form all over me instantly!
Sometimes I imagine how those flies would feel when they see me.
Still, I don't think they would be as horrified as I am when I see them!