Blooming Carnation

I bought a red carnation.
The flowers seemed to be toothed at the ends.
They were inside a colorful basket.
I was proud of myself, because I never have bought a real live carnation for Parents' Day!

May 8th is Parents' Day in Korea.
People usually buy carnations and give them to their parents.
However, I have never bought something for my parents on Parents' Day.
I've always made things with paper, or just gave them cards.

This time, it was different.
I gave them something I bought with my own money!
Now I saved quite a bit of money by doing chores.
I am old enough to buy something for my parents, don't you think so?

First we went to a restaurant that served Vietnamese cuisine.
And then we gobbled up a whole lot of ice cream at an ice cream shop.
Of course, I paid all of it. Ha ha.
That night I ate so much that I thought my stomach might explode.
I could understand why adults ate so much sometimes...
The food I ate all looked like my money!!

Also, there was a special event.
I danced in front of my parents.
In front of my parents! (I usually don't do these kinds of things when my parents are watching. I always become too shy... I'm not a charming type of daughter even though I am the only child.)
Anyway, it was not a kind of a dance Psy dances, but just a crazy, 'floppy' dance.
It seemed I became a very little girl again, dancing as I made funny faces.
I wished I could be their cute little girl forever.

I also gave special characters for my mom and dad.
There are no other characters like these in the whole world.
I made them all by myself with a computer program.
My mom and dad loved it!

There is a big red heart above them.
I hope my mom and dad would live happily ever after.

On the day before this Children's Day, my mom and dad had wrapped my presents until very late. 
Because they went to sleep late, they had to rest a lot on Children's day.
This Parents' Day was a perfect chance to thank them.
I tried my best, and felt very glad to see them laugh a lot.
I didn't know that my simple acts could make my parents so happy!

The red carnation I gave them that night is still in the living room.
They are all blooming.

It seems like they have happy feelings inside their buds.
And the golden shower of happiness would pour out when they bloom.
They would turn into laughter as they reach my mom, dad, and me.