I Might be a Wild Thing

  Boom! Something had crashed outside your house. The crashing sound you heard was the sound the monsters made. When you looked outside, you found some very ugly monsters covered in messy fur. They are twice as big as you are, and they smash things when they fight. The monsters are also so sad-looking that you would instantly feel sorry for them. Would you like to live with them?

  'Where the Wild things are'. A few days ago, I watched this movie. As you see, it is based on the original book by Maurice Sendak. The wild things (the monsters) were like children, like the naughty boy Max. They were very happy when they play, and in fact, had pure minds. However, they didn't even talk to each other when there were problems between them. Instead of talking to each other and trying to make things better, they just expressed their anger by destroying everything. Because they also ruined their own houses, they couldn't even live in a proper house!

  Max too, didn't talk to the wild things when they had a problem. Nobody tried to mention the problem between them. I wanted to jump into the screen, and shout at them.
"Why? Why are you guys doing nothing at all? Don't you have mouths? Can't you say that you are so sorry?"

This is a picture I drew when I was 7, after reading the book.

  But the wild things and Max would never listen to me, as if they were all wearing earmuffs or something. The only time when they were happy and laughing was when they played, forgetting the pain. But playing still caused some fights, and the wild things played again to forget that they had fought. So that happened over and over, playing, fighting, playing and fighting. It was like pouring water into a jar that has a hole in it. No one thought of filling up that hole. They just kept pouring water, probably thinking that if they poured the water faster, maybe the water would stop leaking.

  The wild things must have lived hundreds, or thousands of years like that. And that was why they were always so gloomy and droopy-eyed. If those wild things opened their minds to problems they had, they would not destroy too much stuff, because there wouldn't be so many conflicts. If they did not destroy things, they would be able to make more things. That would eventually make those wild things to live in a better house, and use better things, and eat better food. And that would of course, lead in to civilization. I didn't expect communication to turn into civilization!
Maybe that's why human beings are living like this right now, a lot different from other animals.

  However, sometimes people lose their minds and become a wild thing. A few days ago, 9 North Korean defectors (who were also orphans) were sent back to North Korea from Laos. If South Korea had talked more with Laos, if North Korea had talked more with the world, those 9 young lives could have been saved. It is so heartbreaking that they had failed to fly free just because of lack of conversation. I guess at least I should keep being a human being, or the world would turn into a place where the wild things are.