No elephant back, No swimming

I have always loved 'water'.
I loved drinking water, and being in the water itself.
I still like my lovely water.
The problem is that I don't know how to swim...

A few weeks ago, I started to take swimming classes.
When I go inside the water, I suddenly get so excited that I want to run around.
However, when I try to run like that, I realize that I can't run properly while I'm in the water.
Moving my legs in the water like when I am running feels very weird, as if I became a waddling cow or something.
After wandering around a bit, I soon learned that I had to jump like a ball in order to move faster in the water.
Because I can jump higher in the water, I can move a lot if I move my legs while my feet are not touching the ground.

How fun would it be if I learn those kinds of things in swimming class?
When the teacher shows up, I have to grab a floating board that is shaped like an elephant's back.

Then I lie face down on the water, grab the strange board and try to go forward.
But no matter how much I paddled with my legs, I could never go forward.
The little kids who are in the same class with me can go across the pool just by swimming.
However, my method of going back and forth in the swimming pool was to kick the floor whenever my feet go down!
What a shame...
Well, but there is a saying 'You're never too old to learn'.
I guess learning swimming now is better than learning it when I'm 30 years old!

Now I am very confident of putting my head in the pool, but that's the only thing I can do really well.
It would be so great if I know how to kick the water and go forward.
My goal next class is to go forward without the floor's help.
Even if it doesn't work tomorrow, it would work someday...

You might think this is the end of the post.
But it's actually not.
The 'next class' I actually did go forward, even though I was a bit slow.
It was so fantastically remarkable, that I could go forward just by swimming!
I must have been a mermaid a long, long time ago.
Ha. Ha. Ha...
Now I'm learning how to move my arms.
Please don't tell me that I am going to push the floor with my arms and go forward.