What do you want to be - Sundew or Rose Geranium?

Sometimes I find myself covered in red mosquito bites when I wake up on a hot summer morning.
Sometimes I find myself wheeling around on my chair to avoid flies running right onto my face. (See my post 'The Fly')
Those pesky little things just keep coming into my house...
I didn't know that there were plants that made insects go away until my mom and dad bought me two special plants.
My lifesavers were called 'Sundew', and 'Rose Geranium'.

Sundews have long leaves that have magenta tentacles.
On each tentacle, there are small drops of digestive juice - like dew drops shining in the sun. (like its name)
Some people say that the Sundew looks gross because of the drops of digestive juice, but the instruction sheet that came with the Sundew says that they make it look beautiful.
Anyway, I like it because it caught a lot of little insects.
At first I didn't expect it to catch a lot of flies, but when I looked at it constantly, I could see the tiny black bodies on the tentacles.
I could imagine how they died - the fly sitting on the tentacle, the fly squirming to fly away, and then finally the tentacle's digestive juice slowly dissolving the fly.
Poor fly.

Rose Geraniums have cute-shaped leaves.
If someone wanted to draw a Rose Geranium, that person would have a hard time drawing the leaves, because it has so many twists and zigzags.
The leaves also have a great scent like a sort of unique perfume.
I don't understand why the insects don't like the smell of the Rose Geranium leaves.
If I was one, I would sit on its leaf all day long!
However, unlike the Sundew, I can't see dead insects on the leaves or anything.
It is just a nice-smelling plant that has too green leaves.
Still, I think it is a good plant because I've never been stung by mosquitoes after it had come to my house.

The Sundew shows me proof that it defeated the enemies by showing the dead bodies of flies.
The Rose Geranium doesn't have any proof that can be seen, but I just believe it would fulfill its responsibility with its scent.
In the world, there are people who are like Sundews, and people who are like Rose Geraniums.
The Sundews have clear evidence, and they are very confident.
They have a better chance of being known.
On the other hand, the Rose Geraniums don't have obvious evidence, and they do things when people do not notice a lot.
They might not be recognized at first, but as time passes by, people would think they are very modest.
Sundews and Rose Geraniums both have good points, so I love them both!
I hope they do a great job for me this summer. :-)