Unfinished animation

Making a dog walk by the river was pretty hard.
It made me think of 'You can lead a dog to river, but you can't make it walk.'
Is it a new pet dog?
You'll see after you watch this video.

Ha ha ha.
I really made a dog stroll by the river!

This is my first animation clip, and I am proud of it.
However, at the same time I don't like it much though.
Look at the river again, and you will find a funny part in the middle where the wave seems to be a bit 'sharp'.
The dog is also a bit strange; it is walking slowly, but the earth is turning fast!
The sun looks like it is part of the sky... :-(
The most important thing is that there is no music or sound effects.
I will make this video more alive next time.

So how did I think of making it?
I always liked to make stop motion videos(Look at my post 'Bring things into life' in the Animation category), and I guess I liked them because they were similar to animations.
A few months ago, I started having computer lessons.
I had to use two special computer programs - one was for drawing stuff, and another was for making them move.
Before I knew these programs, I had thought, 'How can people draw things smoothly with a computer mouse?'
Now I know that I should use anchor points and curves.
At first there was only a white background.
The dog at the very left I drew in SC: 4 is the one in this animation.
And I drew things on the computer, colored them, and made them move.
It felt different from making stop motion videos.
It was really a true creation.

Now even 2D animations don't seem so simple to me.
There are 10 scenes in this video, and this is only the third scene.
Thinking of creating 7 more scenes makes me a bit dizzy...
On the other hand, I am excited about the fact that I've got a whole lot of things to draw and color.
I will come back with another post about this animation when it is finished!