Moles in Holes

Have you ever played a Whac-A-Mole game?
Whenever you hit a mole, another mole would pop up.
If you hit that mole too, a new mole would pop up from another hole.
Nowadays I just feel like I am playing a Whac-A-Mole game all the time.
I have pimples and acne on my face, and they are much worse than moles.

If I played a Whac-A-Mole game on my face, here are the rules.
1. There are two kinds of moles - one is small and nasty(pimples), and another is big and nastier(acne)...
2. The moles don't sink back to their holes unless I get rid of them.
3. It is very painful to get rid of the moles!

The cycle of the pimples goes like this.
First, there is excess oil on my face, and this oil makes some pimples.
The problem is that these pimples make new excess oil while they are living on my face.
And that new excess oil makes new pimples.
This cycle goes on and on, making the pimples be unable to leave my oily face.

Now that you've heard about the pimples, it's time for the nasty acne.
I call them 'Moving Acne', because they seem like they are moving around.
Whenever I get rid of an acne, another acne would pop up like a mole.
So it seems like acne is moving under my skin, popping up and down from holes.
You can just say that these acne has tiny feet...

This acne doesn't pop up as fast as a mole, but slowly appears on my skin.
First, a small lump forms, and it hurts a little when I press it.
The lump eventually grows bigger and bigger, until it hurts even when I touch it lightly.
Then a small yellowish dot appears at the top of it - the yellowish dot's appearance means that it's time to get rid of the acne.
When I squeeze it with a cotton swab, blood and other disgusting stuff comes out, and I can't look at that opened acne on the mirror because it makes me a little sick.
This painful squeezing job hurts about 100 times more than a shot.
The worst thing about the moving acne is that it comes back, by popping from another hole.
A camel's hump is useful for the camel, but what use is this annoying acne?

I really want these pimples and moving acnes to get out of my face.
How wonderful would it be if a special vacuum cleaner could just hoover them up?
Maybe those fish called 'Doctor fish (Garra rufa)' just might be able to eat up my acne...
It would be good if someone came and said, "What use is a Whac-A-Mole game when it is on a person's face? Let's just remove this useless thing."
I wish this terrible Whac-A-Mole game would end soon.