The Real Truman Show

  Truman Burbank stood right at the open door and said,

The Truman Show.

"In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!" 
Then he stepped out to the real world.

  Truman had been living in a fake but perfect place - a set for 'The Truman Show'. He could have lived there forever, living a happy and peaceful life. But Truman wanted to go out to the real world where things really happened, and not directed. So he had picked up his courage, and opened the door of the world he had been living for such a long time.

  I think we open doors too. When we are not satisfied of the world we are living in, we try to find the exit of the world. For example, when I was in school, I thought that there would be place with less stereotypes, where I can be more free. So I thought of homeschooling - that was noticing the door that might go to a better world. But although I had found the exit, it was not easy to step out of my familiar world at once. I thought this over and over, and had a hard time trying to be as brave as possible. At last, I opened the door of the world, and went out, just like what Truman did. I am still trying to find and open new doors. I will try to find the exit of what I thought was perfect.

  Life is somehow like a show, or a movie. The movie is about 'me', and it can be anyone. I can change the story and the end of the movie. If I only try hard to solve my problems, I would be able to achieve my goal.

  Don't you think opening new doors is just like peeling an onion?

You never know how an onion would end up after peeling it tons of times. Truman would be somewhere out in the world by now. He would be living his own life, slowly finishing the real Truman Show.