A Christmas Gift for You

The happy season has arrived!
I have a small present for you - it's called 'Christmas Eve'.
Turn the volume up and enjoy!

I made the original video a year ago when I was just 11.
The set is made with colored paper, and all the characters and decorations are made out of clay.
At first I wanted to make a fat Santa Claus with a white beard, but there wasn't enough white clay.
That's how Santa became a small girl with black braided hair. Actually it's me :-)
I had a bit of hard time drawing all the snowflakes at the part where the girl and Rudolph ride the latest sleigh.
How hard it was to make a 'White Christmas'!

Last year, I showed this animation to my parents as a Christmas present.
But there were still some things I wanted to fix, like the part where 'Christmas' was written 'Chirstmas'. 
So I started translating the speech bubbles and changing errors.
After all these changes, my stop motion video seemed completely new!

I hope you would enjoy a very happy holiday!
(And please say hi to the three magical presents if they come into your house...)