The Crazy Bomb and Dumb Bell

When the alarm clock rings in the morning, the first thing that comes to my head is that I have to get rid of this sound.
My mom or dad might wake at the sound and wake me up!
So I always turn off the alarm as fast as I can and then lie on the bed with a plunk.
I'm supposed to wake after a few minutes of that, but I often don't.
But now all this is not possible anymore, now that I have two special alarms!

Both of them are actually Christmas presents.
The first one is called a 'Bomb Clock'.
In the morning, it makes some strange music that makes me feel nervous.
And then it starts to rattle violently.
If I still don't wake up, the lid at the back suddenly opens, and guess what comes out - a bunch of coins!
I have to insert a coin to make the alarm stop ringing, and those coins I saved every day would burst out later when I don't wake up.
This Bomb Clock made a system I can't come out of.

You might think that a Bomb Clock is enough, but I usually insert the coin and then lie on the bed for a few minutes.
So there is the dumbbell alarm clock to save me!
The dumbbell alarm clock isn't that heavy, and it just makes a simple beeping sound, but it is great for waking me up.
When the dumbbell rings, I have to go fetch it and lift it 30 times.
The beeping sound keeps going when I am lifting the dumbbell, so I have to be fast.
After all that lifting, I can't go to sleep again even if I lie on my bed.
I guess the dumbbell isn't a 'dumb bell' after all!

The first day I used these two alarms was all chaos.
First the Bomb Clock began to make nervous music, so I inserted a coin just before the clock rattled.
I was about to go to sleep again when the dumbbell rang.
I quickly lifted the dumbbell a lot only with my right hand and it stopped ringing.
I thought this whole business was very simple, and left the room.
The crazy part starts now.
I was just about to step into the bathroom when nervous and
loud music boomed from my room.

The Bomb Clock!
I dashed to my room at top speed with my eyes almost popping out, and tried to find the coin I left beside the clock last night.
Of course the coin was not there because I had put it inside the Bomb Clock a few minutes ago when I woke up.
I blocked the speaker with my blanket so I wouldn't panic.
Then I opened the lid at the back which I had to poke a button with my pinky, because it was the kind you have to poke with a pen.
The lid opened and there were a few coins inside.
I inserted a coin right away but the music still didn't stop because first I had to close the lid.
I closed the lid and then inserted my precious coin.
The nervous music stopped.
And all was still.

I still don't know why the Bomb Clock rang again that morning.
Maybe because I turned on the snooze mode?
The crazy bomb and the dumb bell wakes me up every morning, and that's the best thing an alarm clock can do.