Never say 'Mistake' by Mistake

Life flies by so fast. 2 months have already passed since I ended homeschooling and became a middle schooler. Busy school life was going fine until the exam. I made a good friend and always had some company around me. I participated in a science project competition as a team and made a successful result. All the performance tests went very well too. At that moment, I didn't know that big trouble was coming!

The midterm test is finally over. The result should have made me proud and happy, but instead it made a great big hole in my mind. I received the worst score in my life in the math exam. The test contained a lot of calculating problems, and was super easy so that anyone could have gotten a good score if only they paid attention. I made 4 different mistakes on the test. I put the numbers in the wrong order on the first one. The second mistake happened because I calculated with the wrong number. On the third one, I mistook 'greater or same' as just 'greater'. The last problem added two minuses so that it should become a plus, but I just turned them into a single minus. Oh my...I can't believe I've done these stupid mistakes!

This shocking incident happened because I always ignored my mistakes. They piled up altogether and made a flaw in my skills. Whenever I made a mistake, I had just promised myself that I wouldn't do it from now on. And I actually didn't for some time and then repeated the mistake when I almost forgot my promise. The problem was that I did not look back at all those errors I made before, and became numb to my clumsy self. The cycle of making, forgetting and becoming numb to mistakes was active for all these years, and I still hadn't noticed! The result of this cycle came out as a heartbreaking math score.

From now on, I will work hard to get rid of these big and small math mistakes. I am analyzing the math problems I got wrong from this exam.

1. Order Mistakes - first you should read the question properly, and also check again after solving the problem if you got the order wrong. I think circling important words is a great way.
2. Calculating with the wrong number - you should write all the process down in a plenty amount of space so that the numbers wouldn't get mixed up in your head.
3. Mistaking sign of inequality - read the signs as carefully as you read the questions, and circle the sign itself. If in need, reading the sign's meaning aloud would help too.
4. Miscalculating plus, minus symbols - you should be very careful in the first place. If that doesn't work, it can be easily fixed by practicing only those kinds of problems in a row.

If I always make mistakes, they will eventually become my real ability on math. So I promise that I will never be ignoring my mistakes again. I will pay attention to every one of the errors, and get rid of them, one by one.

It will be a hard job to change my old habit, but also an exciting mission. I always feel strangely glad when I find that I got a problem, because it means I got a chance to upgrade myself into a better person. This time's tragedy is a heaven-sent chance to change my way of studying math. Someday I would be so thankful for this miserable math score.