The Secret Function Recipe

I was good at mathematics when I was an elementary school student, and it almost felt natural to get full marks on exams.
However, those comfortable and safe days soon passed by.
I totally ruined the first and second math exam I took as a middle schooler.
I was shocked at first, and then got so miserable and embarrassed that I seemed to lose all of my confidence on math.
Inspite of my failure, I analyzed all my mistakes and problems, and decided my goal as being my old self again - getting a perfect score.
Here's the post I wrote about 5 months ago.

1. The Timer
The first and most important solution is checking the time with a timer.

I used a timer to check how much time it takes to solve a single problem, and tried hard not to spend more than one minute on each of them.
Eventually, my speed grew faster so that now I can do 20 pages of math a day when I could only do 4 pages before.
(I drew the timer above with the Adobe Illustrator...haha)

2. Circles and Lines
The second way is to circle and underline specific words and phrases in the question.
Usually, I circle the thing I am supposed to find and underline the phrase that is critical to getting the answer.
I lost at least eight points on the last exam just because I didn't do this...

It felt wonderful when I got a nearly perfect score - 98.5 on the midterm this time.
Just five months ago I was in despair, thinking that all my effort in studying math was totally wasted.
Because I had a goal, had plans and desperate feelings for it, I could succeed at last.
The score I got on this math exam didn't seem like any others.
It was the fruit of my hard work for all these months.

*The Secret Function Recipe*
x=terrible result=(shock+despair)
y=x+(analyzation+goal+effort)=perfect score

Arriving at one goal is the starting point of another.
I will never stop going forward.
Time is still ticking away.