How to learn Basic Coding - my experience

It all started from a single email from Khan Academy.
"Tomorrow begins the hour of code!"
At first I was confused, but this 'hour of code' seemed to be a very exciting project. And now I'm all the way through Khan Academy's hour of code and finished the Frozen version of coding at

Learning how to code is becoming more important these days. Even U.S. president Barack Obama said that students should learn coding. A lot of websites are now available for anyone who wants to code. is a pretty well-known coding site, which provides tutorials for everyone - from little kids to adults. The tutorials for beginners use puzzle pieces of orders instead of javascript. You can make Elsa draw snowflakes on the ground or make the princess rescue the knight.(Haha) These are the set of blocks I arranged to make a simple game.

Click to see the full version of the game.
These blocks help you understand the basic working methods of coding, like repeating an act forever or making things happen at different circumstances. But the colorful puzzle pieces are not used by programmers, of course. They use lines of orders and numbers that might look like error pages.

In Khan Academy - the hour of code, you can learn how code more like a pro, instead of dragging and dropping blocks. It was kind of hard to give the computer an order in their language...but it was quite interesting. This is my final work of javascript in the hour of code. The title is 'Bodiless Mole'. Haha.

I had a really hard time drawing the crumbs of dirt at the edge of the hole. Now I can draw various shapes like ellipses, rectangles, lines and color them too. It was such an amazing experience to see the bleak panel of numbers turn into something recognizable. It feels completely different from drawing things with Photoshop or Illustrator. I also noticed that the 400*400 pixel sized place where all the shapes formed was a part of a graph of function. It's so cool, stuff I learned in math coming out in reality like this.

I'm going to keep practicing coding so that I can make the mole a realistic body! Maybe sometime later I might be able to make it move.