Li-Fi would light you up

 You would probably know how hard finding a Wi-Fi zone is. Even if you find one, your cellphone doesn’t speed up that much. A poor reward for your huge effort. What if you could use another communicating method that is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi and 66 times faster than LTE-A? Then Li-Fi would be your ideal choice.

 Li-Fi is a new communication technology that sends data using LED lights. LED lights flicker 200 times per second, which is so fast that we can’t even notice. Devices such as your smartphone can understand the flickering by reading 0 when the light is turned on and 1 when the light is turned off.

 So what are the advantages of using Li-Fi? First of all, visible rays that come out of LED lights have a very wide frequency range – 10,000 times wider than the total area of frequencies used in wireless communication. That makes Li-fi have an incredibly high speed. Just imagine a road with 4 lanes and full of traffic, widening to 40,000 lanes!

 The key feature of Li-Fi is its security. You would know that we can use Wi-Fi that belongs to somebody else at a close distance. Just like that, people who want to tap the wires or sneak out important data can easily make their goals. However, Li-Fi is only accessible within the reach of the LED light. It is expected to play a big role in safely delivering information.

 Unlike Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is also relatively better for our health. Wi-Fi emits electromagnetic waves that are known to damage our bodies when exposed for a long time. The visible light that comes from Li-Fi doesn’t affect us at all because we are already used to them in everyday life.

 Li-Fi can be used in a variety of ways. It is very useful in bright and busy places like subways and department stores where there is a lot of exchange of information. This way, you would never have to spend time figuring out which Wi-Fi is the fastest. It can also help blind people by sending audible information in real time when they are outdoors. Quite convenient because they don’t have to read the braille on the street every now and then.

 Li-Fi is regarded as a very promising technology. Every LED light around you, including your desk lamp would be able to work as another wireless router. That saves energy too, because LEDs would be able to do two jobs at the same time. Someday we might all be looking around for lights instead of waiting for the fan-shaped Wi-Fi sign to appear on our cellphones. With all these benefits, Li-Fi would really light you up!