To feel alive

I think I am getting to know how it feels to notice all the organs moving inside my body. I'm learning about the respiratory system in science class, and it kind of makes me think about my lungs expanding and contracting every time I breathe. I don't know if you guys know this kind of feeling. :)

When I learned about the digestive system last semester, I felt a bit strange, to suddenly feel my stomach moving and dissolving nutrients. And all those nutrients are still being reduced into smaller components like amylase and fatty acid even when I'm typing this blog post sitting in front of the notebook computer. I was amazed at the fact that the organs could just work by themselves without my orders. And that fact is also what makes me a bit uncomfortable. Something alive(the organs...)is moving inside my body, and I don't even take notice!

I think the organs inside our body are all so wonderful, even though they might look pretty disgusting if you really look at them. It is almost like a small world functioning by itself. Today just try to feel your organs working. Just try to understand their fascinating system...and try not to throw up.