Creating an App

I like creating things out of nowhere. It always makes me so glad and proud. When I first faced a smartphone app, I felt a lava of thoughts boiling inside me. I was curious about the tiny worlds caught in a rectangle screen. I wondered how people made these stuff, and I also wanted to make one myself.

Now I am working on an app that lets students learn English words. A cute character would eventually grow up as the users learn the words.
These are some characters I drew using an Adobe program.

Making an app was not as easy as I had thought. It wasn't like typing something on a blog or making a PowerPoint presentation. It was more like solving a math problem or maybe building a house with Lego blocks. The toughest part until now was that I had to think about all the different situations that could happen. What would happen if the wrong answer is chosen? What if the user pushes this button and forgets to look at the app for a while? What if someone takes his or her finger off the screen after dragging the finger to the side of the button?(I didn't manage to figure this one out yet.)

The lines of code I wrote.

It was about a month ago when I learned a big lesson - you must always save your hard work. The only version of the app I made for several months was on my notebook computer, and one day my notebook computer went totally crazy. The 600 lines of code were not there when I opened the file. It was literally a tragedy. Later I found an older version of the app and recovered it. Then I was sensible enough to copy and paste the app in my USB flash drive.

I am hoping to put my app on the Google Play Store soon. I love this feeling - creating something and giving it to people and seeing them be so happy with it. I really wish my app would make kids enjoy learning new words. At least they would like the characters, wouldn't they?