Ambreen's death a wake-up call for women rights in Islamic countries

     Her name was Ambreen. It has been almost a month since the 15-year-old Pakistani girl's death. What she did was just help a friend escape the town with her boyfriend. After the couple successfully escaped the town, Ambreen was dragged from home, injected sedatives and strangled. She was later tied up to a van and burnt to death. When the neighbors found her after hearing a loud blast, only the girl's skeleton remained with bangles on her wrist bones.

Left- Ambreen's body, Right- vans that were burned with Ambreen
     The people who ordered Ambreen's death were the tribal council members of the town. They carried out "honor killing" because they thought the girl dishonored the whole town as well as her family. Why is helping a friend a reason to face such a terrible death? Shouldn't it be called an "honor" instead, since Ambreen took such a high risk helping her friend? The council members ought to feel terribly ashamed of ordering the murder, although they do not seem to feel so at this point.

     I was so shocked when I came across the article about Ambreen at I knew that honor killings were being carried out in some Islamic countries, but 1,000 women killed like that in 2014 just in Pakistan? I think the Pakistani government should really work hard to figure out a solution for this huge problem. It is so tragic that some girls around the world are given numerous opportunities while others are savagely killed in the name of honor.

    Another problem emerges from Ambreen's death. Women rights should, of course, be improved a lot in several Islamic countries. However, Muslims are often being misunderstood these days, not only due to honor killings but also notorious terrorist groups like IS.

     We should remember Ambreen and further think about so many girls being mistreated around the world. I hope Islamic countries' governments will make huge efforts to improve women's rights. At the same time, the world should not glare at Muslims; they must be able to distinguish between Islamic acts and un-Islamic acts like the illustration above.