THAAD: Is defense the best solution?

It might make people feel safer. But does it really mean safety? I think defense actually suggests threat and danger because countries defend themselves when they see another country defend itself. Countries claim that it is an inevitable act – you just can't blink and do nothing when there's a possibility to get attacked!
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     THAAD, aka Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, is a anti-missile system designed by the U.S.. Literally, it can shoot down missiles at a high altitude. It can also protect wider regions than MIM-104 Patriot and so on, but I'm not going to make further explanations because it is not the point of what I want to say.

     Now, the U.S. Army and the South Korean government are planning to deploy THAAD to the Korean Penninsula(and has almost decided) to protect South Korea from North Korea's missile attacks that might occur anytime. China and Russia are strongly against this plan because part of their territory is within THAAD's range and the surveillance data could be transferred to the United States.

     There has been a lot of controversy on this issue in South Korea about whether THAAD should be deployed or not. The Korean government is emphasizing the relationship with the United States along with strong defense against North Korea's attacks. It has now, even announced the region where THAAD is going to be placed.

Banner says: "How can THAAD be placed in an environment-friendly town??"
     I think THAAD is very likely to be placed in the Korean Penninsula no matter what people say, and no matter what I write on this blog. The government might be right with some of its points, like maintaining a good relationship with America. But placing THAAD is not the perfect solution that can protect South Korea from North Korea's attacks.

     What would happen when North Korea launches a missile to the South for real? South Korea would of course, "defend" itself from getting attacked by using THAAD. Then what? Can anyone guarantee that the South Korean government would do nothing else after the attack? Once the missile is fired from North Korea, tensions between the North and the South is going to be huge. And even if a magnificent missile system is placed in South Korea, attacks from North Korea and fighting it back is going to cause war at the end.
More violence, more division(but North Korea wouldn't stop violence, and I can't do anything about it!)
     If THAAD is placed in Korea, it has to be the last defense. And for this to come true, North Korea should stop threatening other countries with its missiles and nuclear bombs. I don't know if this would be possible, but I terribly wish North Korea to have a talk with the South and build up a more peaceful relationship just like in the early 2000s. 

     South Korea also has to seek a more peaceful way to protect itself; violence against violence can never completely solve anything. It is only going to bring more terror.