My first app: WordEgg

I still cannot forget how I felt when I saw this message in the Google Play Developer Console page.
We're processing your update. It can take several hours until it is available throughout Google Play.
Several hours later, I saw this on my phone.
After a year of fixing codes and drawing characters, I had finally reached my goal. 

Now my app, "WordEgg", is on the Google Play Store, both in Korean and English!
You can search for "WordEgg(Eng)" or just "WordEgg"(which is in Korean).
Or you can download it here: 

The Story behind making WordEgg

   I first met coding in a website called "" There I made a program that let Elsa and Anna run around on the ice and draw beautiful lines and circles. It inspired me a lot: I knew there was more I could do. From that moment on, I searched the internet to find websites where I could learn coding and computer languages. I found Codeacademy and Khan Academy's Hour of Code program. They were very friendly and let me take a glimpse at what computer programming was like.

   The idea of developing a smartphone app came to my mind as I searched for more and more programming projects. At first, I just had a vague idea of the app I wanted to make. Then it suddenly dawned on me.
 'How about making an educational game that can teach kids English vocabulary?' 
I've seen many Korean kids memorize hundreds of English words on a list, bored and not having any fun at all. That kind of monotonous method could work for TOEFL, but little kids don't usually go as far as that. I thought they should have the opportunity to learn that language is a fun thing to have a taste.

   It took me days to finish the alphabet button-clicking function, which now I think is the easiest code within the whole app. I was a novice in programming, and I almost regretted deciding to make an app. But seeing the little bird and the wicked spider move with my code, I decided to put my app in the store at all costs. I couldn't just erase them from the world; they were my creations. With the help of teachers, I slowly made progress. Using if statements and loops, I finally ended up with about 2,000 lines of code. I still can't believe I wrote them!

Spider-hitting event from WordEgg
   WordEgg is not a big app. In spite of this long writing about it, there are only 20 vocabularies available. There is no background music either.(Sorry about that...) As soon as I find myself time, I wish to update more words and draw other characters to make the app become more alive.