Essay: Students should be required to complete community service hours in order to graduate

In many schools, students are required to complete a certain number of community service hours in order to graduate. Some people think students benefit from mandatory service. Others disagree. In your opinion, should schools require students to complete community service?

The word mandatory community service gives us a rather compulsory sense. In todays society, which is filled with all sorts of regulations, we usually dislike doing things that are forced upon us. Required community service is one of them. However, it presents students unusual experiences that teach them in a way far from that of ordinary school textbooks.

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 The experience of community service impacts the students in many positive ways. If you are not a fish, how do you know if the fish is happy? This is an old Chinese saying that describes how hard it is to stand in someone elses shoes. Students can become fish by doing community service and can learn in depth about ones who live in entirely different environments. They also get a chance to look at the world in another perspective by facing new situations. As a result, students grow into more mature beings and develop tolerant attitudes toward the members of society. Doing community service also works as a fine energizer for teenagers, who are likely to be in tough situations, either because of puberty or school problems. Helping others and feeling love for them can relieve the students stress and let their minds be in a peaceful state.

 Required community services not only benefit the students but also contribute to the future world. In many cases, people do not participate in volunteer work because they are not sure how to do it. I did not know about the procedures needed for community service until I was required to do it in middle school. Now I can participate in community service easily because of my previous experiences. This example clearly supports the fact that mandatory community service teaches students how to continue volunteering even when it is not required anymore. There are going to be people who do not find the act so exciting and decide not to be involved in it again. Still, there would be some who learn the spirit of generosity and continue to volunteer afterward, building up a healthier community. 

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 In modern society, we consider time as a valuable and powerful source. Some believe that mandatory community service forces students to use up their time on other activities when there are so many tasks to focus on. However, students spend their time on learning the idea of critical values when volunteering. Required community service should not be considered as a waste of time but a significant opportunity that benefits both the teenagers and the future society.