To Be Who We Are: Reflection on "The Mold of Yancy"

My reflection essay is based on the short story The Mold of Yancy by Philip K. Dick. Here's the link to the story:
Summary: Yancy is a virtual person made by the "Yance-men" who is loved by the people on Callisto(a future moon where people live). He has opinions on every single subject that could be thought of. This makes the people of Callisto unable to have their own opinions and rely on Yancy's thoughts when they face a problem.

To Be Who We Are

Time makes changes to people. It brings change to everything from one’s opinions on a certain topic to one’s appearances. Knowing this made me eager to search on Facebook for some of my friends from elementary school. I was curious about what time would have done to them. I found the search result quite shocking. Almost all of the girls looked similar in a way; they had no glasses on, had long straight hair, and had red – very red lips. Was that really them? I had expected a significant change but not a change like this.

White skin, long hair, red lips. Big eyes, no glasses on, and slim legs. That is the ideal type of girl – the “right” type of girl. Many Korean girls feel unhappy when their appearances do not meet these standards. There are tons of different products that help women become prettier – become prettier in the eyes of everyone else. Nowadays this is getting much worse due to mass media. In many TV dramas, commercials, and even webcomics, the female protagonist appears to have the characteristics of a “pretty” woman. When they don't, appearance usually works as an important part of the plot(for example, appearance is often a trauma which the woman gradually figures out a way to overcome, in many cases with the help of a man.) The media's way of creating an ideal image of each character works the same for behaviors or looks of "ideal" men and even children, and the audience accepts it without much suspicion. Yancy does exist in our world.

Everyone in Callisto loves Yancy. The immense popularity of this virtual person makes the public absorb every single opinion or interest of Yancy. People blindly follow what Yancy does, and do not have the ability to form their own opinions. This is exactly what is happening in current society. The public has already lost their different standards of beauty. They only try to be like the people who are shown on TV without further thought. Many people make great effort to be just like the actors and actresses in dramas. In our world, the characters shown by the mass media are “Yancys.” Under the influence of mass media, we have become a crowd of mild sheep - sheep that do not wish to find their own dreams but only try to be satisfied with what they are already given.

The profile pictures of my friends on social media were quite surprising, but what surprised me more was how I sometimes try to make my lips a bit redder, and how I sometimes imagine myself with slightly bigger eyes. No one can completely avoid the powers of Yancy. Though we always call for diversity, the media has already put our minds into a serious state of conformity. Time no longer develops us into unique individuals with different characteristics but only turns us into people who look uniform.  We should try to be who we are, not who the world wants us to be.